T + 53 A Little Excursion

Well no more funny turns after switching my GCSF injection to the evening on Wednesday. I'm due another one tonight and hopefully that will have the same lack of effect. I've been feeling a bit more tired these last few days and have had a few very light twinges of bone pain but nothing like it has been when I have been on higher doses of GCSF before.

On Thursday lunchtime I had a little excursion. For the first time since August I went somewhere other than the hospital or my Mom and Dad's house. I made a visit to my good friend Andy.

It was great to see him face to face ( he's had to keep away from visiting because one or other of his nearest and dearest has had a cold these last three weeks and whilst he himself has been fine he didn't want to risk being a carrier).

I stayed for a couple of hours and we had lunch and a good old chat about subjects many and various. It was really nice to get out of the flat and somewhere different and I always have a enjoyable time at Andy's.


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