T + 256 Happy 2nd Birthday MCL

Today is the second birthday of my diagnosis of Mantle Cell Lymphoma. I wrote last year of what the actual experience was like of hearing the doctor say it was lymphoma so I won't go over that again.

Two years seems an age ago and it seems to have gone really quickly at the same time. Whilst I've tried not to let it rule my life and define me (no really, I have tried) it is hard to remember what life was like pre-MCL.  Gareth, my family and friends have had to go through it all with me as well and they have been a great support each in their own way, though I do feel I should give special mention to Gareth, Andy and my Mom and Dad who have been amazing. I've been tremendously fortunate to have a good support network. 

Over the past two years I've had my low spots of course but just at the moment things are slowly starting to turn the corner and I'm feeling very positive about the future. 

All this lovely sunshine clearly helps and yes I think I can say I do  appreciate it more than I would have two years ago.


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