T + 240 To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone.....

...for about 8 months.

On Tuesday I made my way into our offices in Ashby de la Zouch for the first time since the 20th August. ( I know it was that day because that was the date left on my Dilbert desktop calendar. Some fun catching up there ). It was a bit tough getting up at 06:00 instead of my usual 07:00 but the journey in wasn't too bad and by 08:00 I was sitting at my freshly dettol anti-bac wiped desk. Mind you , you go away for months and when you come back you find someone has adjusted your chair. Well really.

However the day went well, it was great to see the office folks again even if I spent a lot of the time politely refusing handshakes. It took a while but I was able to settle down into the work and it was nice to  have bustle of the office even though it's not as busy as it used to be. 

Today has been a repeat of Tuesday and to help on the journey in I have been listening to the Archers' podcasts. It transpires that two journeys in are just long enough to catch up on a week's worth of broadcasts. ( On the way home I tend to listen to the excellent PM programme on Radio 4).

Wednesday was spent working from home. It was nice to be back using a Mac and have some piece and quiet to concentrate on a couple of things but overall I think the balance of two days in the office and three at home will suit me well whilst I am still recovering.

On the  night we went out to Bank Bar & Restaurant in Brindley Place , Birmingham to celebrate Gareth's birthday, well he claimed we were just out celebrating the fact I can go out for the occasional meal. 

I had a really nice time and it was  great to be able to eat out in a restaurant even if I did have to still follow a clean diet . I plan to write a more detailed review of the meal in the next day or two. (Well if I'm not going out that often I must savour every detail and inflict it on you all.)


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