T + 255 To boldly go again

The title of this blog post is applicable in two ways. Firstly on Monday I went to see the new Star Trek film at the cinema and secondly I went in to the office again this week having avoiding it last week because of a sniffle doing the rounds.

I'll write up more details of my cinema visit and what I thought of the film at a later date. 

Yesterday I went to the transplant clinic for the first time in three weeks. Since my last visit the rash on my chest from the GVHD had  just been skulking about like a sullen teenager, not really getting any better or worse, so for the last week I have been blitzing it with the Betnovate steroid cream three times a day. That's had some good results and the rash has virtually gone.

I can't use the cream for long periods so I've stopped now and will see what happens. The doc is pleased with my progress overall and decided to keep me on 10mg a day steroids for the next four weeks and see about reducing to 10mg one day and 5mg the next when I go back to the clinic which will also be in four weeks time, the longest gap between visits that I've had so far.

The other encouraging news is that my haemoglobin level was 11.9 . I can't recall it ever being as high as that since starting treatment. On the 22nd April it was 11.5 so maybe I am finally starting to produce my own red cells. Now back in February last year, before I had any treatment, my level was 13.7 so still a way to go get back to my normal levels but it is very encouraging.


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