T + 212 A Few Pics

Just a few pics of the picnic and its participants. ( Click to embiggen. )

First the Venue

 Then the participants taken with the self-timer on the camera on Gareth's phone
The "staff" I acquired whilst walking in the woods and it came in very handy to help me up the hilly bits as even after a transfusion my haemoglobin is still only 11 , below it's normal range of 13 - 17. 

The head gear and long sleeves are to keep the sun off as Graft Vs Host is easily triggered by too much sun. ( See my condition even impacts on fun in the sun. )

and yes I do look very fat even though I'm now only a few pounds heavier than my normal fighting weight ( which is overweight it is true but I normally don't look as big as that especially in the face). I'm blaming part of it on the steroids making my face puffy. They can do that and so that is my story and I am sticking to it.


Gareth said…
my excuse for looking fat is i love cake too much. i have no steroids to blame!!!

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