T + 211 If you go down to the woods today....

I had a really nice Easter break. Some of it was spent proof reading a friend's BSc Psychology dissertation which was more interesting than it sounds honest and I'm currently very genned up visual/spatial memory and the Corsi Block Task.

The highlight of the holiday however was having a picnic with Gareth on Monday. We went to a picnic site just outside Pershore called Pershore Bridges. After some lovely grub, courtesy of Ocado, sitting on some felled trees in the woods we had a stroll into Pershore itself and, since it wasn't very busy, we walked round the farmers' market  ( note the apostrophe :o).

The weather was excellent and I had a really nice time pretending to be normal.

On the health front my GVHD rash has been fading in and out on a small area on my chest and I am currently back using the Betnovate cream. We shall have to see what happens as I reduce my steroids further.

Tomorrow being a Thursday is an alendronic acid day so that means I get my breakfast half an hour late as I have to let it go down for 30 minutes before I can take my other meds that need to be taken an hour before food. Harumph! Still it is only once a week.


Anonymous said…
Now I know you're genned up on Psychology I know who to come if I have any questions. I've just signed up for a short course on the Introduction to Psychology with the OU!
raetsel said…
Cool hope you enjoy the course. If you do anything on visual spatial memory in about the next four weeks I'll be of use but by after that the knowledge will have faded I fear.

A couple of years ago I was reading Gareth's dissertation and was briefly knowledgeable about critical regionalism and environmentally responsive architecture. Now I can hardly remember it. :o(

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