T + 217 Busy ol' Weekend

I had very enjoyable and very busy weekend. 

Saturday was spent sorting my paperwork and re-organising all my filing, then I replaced a brake light bulb in Arthur, my Smart Car. The rear  bulb cluster is one of the few user serviceable parts on him, everything else needs to be done with specialist tools at the garage. I also started to rebuild my old PC Camilla to run Windows XP to try my Dad's video capture software. ( Yes I do anthropomorphise a lot of inanimate objects).

Sunday was taken up with ironing, lunch at Mom and Dad's and then a slightly frustrating afternoon trying to get the drivers installed on Camilla to make the sound card work. After trying several different drivers I had to admit defeat. However subsequently I have found the original support disk from Asus so later this week I will return to the fray.

I ended up having a very busy Monday morning as well, as all the printers for one system were migrated to another new print server over the weekend and there were the inevitable few problems. It was a bit of a frustrating time partly due to having to rely on people at depots in Leeds etc. to test things physically on the printers. However by lunch time it was all over bar the shouting.

Tomorrow is the transplant clinic for the first time in three weeks and we will see what the next step is for my steroids. I'm currently on 10mg a day.


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