T + 317 Nothing to See Here

On Tuesday I went to the late evening clinic at the eye hospital having been referred by my optician because my pressures were a bit high.

I got my long suffering taxi driver Dad to take me in case I had my pupils dilated and couldn't drive back. We arrived early and it was pretty busy. My appointment was for 18:45 and I was seen about 19:30 I think. They were short staffed apparently.

The doc I saw did the usual eye exam checks with the big light and called a colleague to come in to take a look at my map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy caused by my dry eye syndrome as he thought the colleague would like to see it.

The doc then recommended I start using the night cream lacrilube again and told me to come back in six months. At which point I gently reminded him I'd been referred for abnormal pressures and could he check them. I guess he'd had a long day. Anyway the good news is that my pressures are fine and I will go back in six months for a general check. The checks they do in opticians with those air puff machines are not as accurate as they can do at the eye clinics with the yellow dye and the blue light thing ( which I now know is known as Goldman Tonometry. You can see a video of different way to measure the pressure here , ( not for the squeamish ) )

In other news I've not been in to the office this week as someone on the floor below where I work and the wife of the person I sit next to have both been treated for swine flu. It hasn't spread anywhere else in the office so far and both people mentioned are now fine so hopefully I shall be back in the office Tuesday.

Tonight I am off to see the British independent Sci-Fi Movie "Moon" with Gareth and Andy and tomorrow the wood is being delivered to build the vegetable beds for the garden.

I ordered the wood from the local saw mill last Saturday where there was that frequent and special use of the word "be" as in "2 be 2" and "6 be 2". Rather oddly the lengths are metric and the other dimensions imperial hence ordering several 3m lengths of "6 be 2" . Now just hoping we get some dry weather to be able to build the beds.

In gadget news, thanks to a heads up from Andy about this recent change in Orange's T&Cs I have been able to get out of my current Orange contract and having been impressed by Gareth's iPhone 3GS I've ordered a white iPhone 3GS 16GB on contract from O2 via Carphone Warehouse and it's due for delivery today with a following wind. ( "Carphone Warehouse" is an odd brand name these days. Car phones used to be just that, fitted in the car and not removable but that was many years ago ).


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