T + 293 "I'm sorry I didn't catch that"

Well another week has flown by, such a trite saying I know but I feel the need to say it somehow.

Quick recap on the week's events:

The 20/20 Cricket on Sunday 28th June with Dad was a great day out. The weather held and there was an exciting last ball win for Warwickshire.

The week at work has been its usual intense mix of tasks. I made it in the to office on Tuesday and Thursday, as is becoming my routine now. Whether I shall have to retreat to my bunker next month when Swine Flu takes a real hold or not remains to be seen.

I chased the eye hospital about my referral from the opticians from the 25th June and it was there I encountered City Hospital's wonderful voice recognition system. "Please state the name of the department or person you wish to contact". I said "Eye Centre" not expecting that to work at all, but low and behold back came the response "Did you say Eye Centre?" but then despite three attempts it could not understand me saying the much simpler "Yes". As it is part of Sandwell trust maybe I should have said "Bostin'" instead.

I eventually got through to a human who confirmed no referral had been received so I gave them a week and then checked again today and have now had to ask Vision Express to fax a copy through with my hospital number on. All this is just get the appointment process started. I shall try not to go blind in the meantime.

Last Wednesday was a nice little excursion for me again. Dinner at the Green Room and then the cinema, this time the Electric Cinema. I had a sofa seat to share with Gareth and though we took our drinks in we didn't take advantage of the waiter service you can get by texting the bar during a performance. It is a great little cinema and worthy of your support.

On that topic I nearly achieved an ambition of being the only people in a cinema. Right up until the very start of the film, the BBFC certificate was on screen in fact, Gareth and I were the only people in the screening but then another couple came in and my ambition was thwarted again.

The film we saw was "Sunshine Cleaning" made by the same team as "Little Miss Sunshine" but no relation apart from the word Sunshine. It was a poignant, touching and funny film. Very enjoyable and only 90 minutes long which is ideal for a mid-week 20:30 showing. Though the subject matter is completely different, a good comparison for the sort of film it is, in terms of sensibility and general feel at least, is "Juno"


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