T + 279 A Week Off

I don't mean a week off from writing the blog, though that is also apparent, but rather the fact I have a week off from work. Which is what is going to be what I believe is known in modern parlance as a "staycation".

The previous week at work was pretty intense as I was covering all the systems for my boss for the first part and then trying to clear the decks before I went "away".

On Friday Arthur, my Smart Car, developed a rubbing noise when in reverse so I took him in for a service this morning, so I didn't get a lie in as the appointment was for 08:00

Tomorrow I have a former work colleague coming to take me to lunch to say thanks for reading his Psychology dissertation. He's about to start a PhD on brain imaging at Birmingham University. I think I have mentioned this before. Anyway as someone who's attempt at academia didn't quite run to plan I'm really pleased for him and only a tiny bit jealous.

Wednesday morning I am at the transplant clinic for the first time in 4 weeks. Hopefully all will be routine and we will look at reducing my steroid dose a little bit more.

Thursday is an eye test in the morning ( really living it up eh? ) and then I am being "restyled". Gareth has the day off as well and is going to be my Gok Wan for the day. ( He's going to kill me for saying that ). It is time I updated my wardrobe it is true.

Friday depending on the weather I might make a trip up to my "spiritual home". Prestatyn. Why is that my "spiritual home" ? Well I use the term advisedly and it's a long story that I won't go into yet. ( One has to maintain a certain air of mystery after all ).

Over the last couple of weeks I've been getting some upper back pain caused either by bad posture at the computer or a muscle strain. It has been easing off these last few days so I'm going to try and spend less time at the keyboard whilst off this week. A good excuse for not blogging for a while anyway. :o) Though I'm sure I'll still be updating twitter.


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