T + 544 I'm so Dizzy....

....my head is spinning. However unlike the song lyric it's not a girl making it spin but prolly some sort of sinus infection.

I started working from home on Friday feeling a bit rough but that is not unusual first thing and I put it down the the lack of adrenalin and thyroxine before I have had my morning tablets. As the morning wore on however I started to feel worse and worse, a dizzy sickly headache and lack of energy and by just before lunchtime I had had to retire to my bed. I slept for about three hours and felt a little better afterwards but spent the rest of the day either in bed or on the sofa.

Saturday was a little better initially but then in the mid morning whilst doing some washing I had a real giddy turn. Maybe it was the bending down picking up washing from the basket and putting it in the machine. I retreated to bed and spent a large portion of the day again either in bed or prostrate on the sofa.

Today, Sunday, I am pleased to say I am feeling quite a bit better, just a little below par I would say and perhaps not quite the energy I have had of late. As I said at the top of the post it is prolly all related to a sinus infection but it's not that severe as I don't have the usual symptoms and crucially I'm not running a temperature. Hopefully all will be well by tomorrow or at least continuing to improve.


Contrast that with this time last week when I was making my way back with Gareth after a fabulous long weekend break at the Penally Abbey Hotel near Tenby. We had a great time being spoiled and pampered at this quiet luxurious country hotel that aims to be rather like a visit to a country house in the Edwardian era. I even took an Agatha Christie novel ( At Bertram's Hotel ) with me to get the right ambience though I'm
pleased to report there was no body in the library, or indeed for that matter a library thoug,h as you can see from the picture slide show below, there was a nice 'drawing room.

Here is a link to a picture slide show. ( Press the space bar to pause the show and click the info button in the top right to see the short comments I have added. )

Bletchley Park

The weekend in Penally came at the end of a very nice week off from work and on the Thursday my Dad and I visited Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes. This country house and estate was taken over just before WW II by the government and became the forerunner to todays GCHQ. Crucially it is where Alan Turing worked on cracking the enigma code and the first semi-programmable computer, Colossus was buit.

It was somewhere I had been meaning to go for ages and it was great to be able to go with my Dad as he could relate to many of the items on display especially in the Home Front exhibition.

We only did about half the exhibits there and I shall definitely be making a return trip to do the rest, not least because my entry ticket acts as a season ticket for free entry for a whole year. If you have toyed with the idea of going then I can heartily recommend it.

Here is a link to a picture slide show. ( Press the space bar to pause the show and click the info button in the top right to see the short comments I have added. )


Finally a gardening note.

Today with the weather sunny and 11 Deg C. I have planted out my potatoes, 6 Accord (earlies), 8 Maxine (2nd earlies) and 6 Valor (main crop) in 2 trenches 4 in deep 18 inches apart with the tubers spaced at 12 inches.

The bed had been dug in with 50L of organic compost the trenches covered over with another 50L before being given a top dressing of Phostrogen at about 4 scoops per sq yard.

I also planted three raspberry canes 18in apart that I healed in the other week and dressed the soil with phostrogen.


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