T + 532 The Kiss of the Sun


The second day of my holiday today and I have been out in the garden. To be honest the purpose of this post is just to act a journal for the garden so I'll know what I did when and compare the results with next with next year.

So today the weather was about 7 deg C and sunny.

I did the following:

  • Dug middle bed and improved with 3in of organic compost
  • Planted 21 onion sets 4in apart in three rows 8in apart, covered with bird netting stapled in place.
  • Dug small bed and improved with 3in of organic compost.
  • Heeled in 5 raspberry canes to be planted properly in a week to 10 days when small bed has settled.
  • Checked on potatoes chitting in lounge window since Saturday

Yes who knew an essential garden implement was a stapler.


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