T + 527 Bumbling Along

I am currently into the second week of being cast adrift by my consultant , to coin a phrase, with my next planned visit to see her not until 24th March.

Since my little GVHD outburst the other week things have quietened down though I must admit my scalp and neck have been a bit itchy these last couple of days and this can be a pre-cursor to another attack on the skin. Then again it could be related to the thyroid as the exact level of thyroxine I need is under review with the endocrinologist ( though I don't go to see him until 28th April ).

Overall my energy levels have been pretty good and come the end of the working day I do actually feel like I still have a bit of energy left and have been putting this to good use editing the final chapters of my NaNoWriMo novel, Reunion.

Speaking of which....

NaNoWriMo - Reunion

The completed second edit is now available on line at ABC Tales, here . Of the few people who have read it their comments (written or verbal) have been very encouraging.

Don't forget the Just Giving widget at the top of this post if you would like donate to Cure Leukaemia.

I hope to start working on the printed version this week though I need my in house Graphic design team ( a.k.a Gareth ) to do the cover. I have a few ideas about what I would like on the cover but no graphical ability so I shall leave it to the expert.

Oakwood Primary School

You might have noticed a link on the left hand side of the blog to Oakwood Primary School . This is the project Gareth is currently working on and there are some very good drawings and visualisations on there. Do pop a long and take a look. I think it looks rather good. Certainly a bit more stimulating than the square brick building that was my primary school.

Things have come a long way since the 1930s. ( That was when my school was built by the way not when I actually attended ).


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