T + 514 Live From The Urban Coffee Company

Something of an experiment for this blog post because as the title suggests I'm typing this live from the Urban Coffee Company in Edmund Street Birmingham using my iPhone and the free wifi network. I don't usually type anything longer than a text or a tweet on the phone so forgive me if there are any typos.

This has been my week off work and as I mentioned last week I've had a few medical things to do. Tuesday was a CT scan to check the state of my lymph glands and today I am off to see the company medical advisors to discuss my situation. On Wednesday I saw my usual haematology consultant at the transplant clinic.

She was able to look up the result of the previous day's CT scan and I am very pleased to report that it was all clear. The only thing of note was a lymph node of 9mm in size and as the consultant said "I've probably got one of those on my neck." They really only take notice of nodes approaching 20mm. The doc did confide that she hates having to look up results live in front of patients and she has a special face to put on while she reads the report. I can fully understand why.

Even though I didn't have any reason or symptoms even to suggest otherwise it was a relief to get the all clear from the CT scan and confirmation that I am still in complete remission. There was just a few thoughts running through my mind as I sat in the waiting room after all there is a reason they do CT scans.

Aside from that the doc said she wanted to leave everything as is for the next six weeks and then look at a slow taper of my anti-rejection drug ciclosporin. So I guess it will be the summer at the earliest that I can expect to be off the ciclosporin completely and able to resume an almost normal life.

Finally I had the first batch of my childhood vaccinations given at the clinic this is because I will have lost all my antibodies when my bone marrow was destroyed. So I'm having the usual list of tetanus polio etc. Sadly no sugar lumps it's all done with injections these days. I won't be having the MMR vaccine as that is a live vaccine rather than an attenuated or dead one and as you can imagine with a reduced immune system that wouldn't be a good idea.


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