T + 485 Call Me Sisyphus

After my clinic visit last week I woke with eager anticipation on the Thursday morning and took my first Thyroxine tablet and didn't take any prednisolone

I have to say the results were initially less than spectacular, in fact for the next three or four days I woke each morning with a sick giddy headache that didn't go until late afternoon and was still quite tired at the end of the day. I wasn't sure if it was the new tablet, the lack of the old one or the fact that my sinuses were playing up a bit.

I started to wake up with one nostril completely blocked. I have had bouts of sinusitis before but it didn't quite feel like that as I usually have a pain in my cheek bones and lumpy green snot (if you will forgive the vernacular).

Anyway the headaches stopped a couple of days ago and though I am still a little "muzzy" headed first thing I feel much better.

I also am not so sensitive to the cold and have more energy. I've been able to cope with wearing only one fleece though not yet brave enough to give up the long johns.

Invigorated with a new lease of energy and slightly chastened by the fact my 85 year old neighbour has cleared snow off our shared paths and drive twice, I spent my lunchtime yesterday clearing the snow myself. Not something I could have considered even a couple of days ago.

I enjoyed having some physical exercise even if I did wonder if it would prove to be a sisyphean task.

My back is a little sore today not helped by a two hour journey in to work because the M42 was blocked by an accident.

However I was pleased to open the curtains first thing and see my shiny clean path unmolested by snowflakes.


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