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As you can see I've put the Christmas Decorations up on the blog.....

It's been another tough week this week and I've been in to the office everyday except Wednesday. This has been a special occasion as we have had some visitors from our outsourcers from India to do a Knowledge Transfer for oracle that has required me to be present in the office to assist them.

I've coped but I've been in bed by about 20:30 most night and asleep by 21:00

Wednesday I went to the transplant clinic and saw one of the registrars. My B12 and other tests have come back and they are all fine which is good news on the one hand but means the cause of my low haemoglobin remains a bit of a mystery. However the level was up to 11.3 this week so as it is going in the right direction the doc was happy to just keep it under observation, ( known in medical world as MICO, masterly inactivity and cat-like observation ).

We decided to keep me on the same level of prednisolone of 2.5mg every other day rather than try a further reduction and disrupt things over Christmas but things are going well in that direction so whenI go back on January the 6th I might have my very own epiphany and finally get off the pred.

Mommy Dearest

Not Joan Crawford, but my own mom. I am pleased to report she came out of hospital after just over a week and she is making a good recovery at home.

There's still a way to full rehabilitation as it were but everyone is really pleased with how she is doing.

We are all trying to make Christmas as stress free as possible for all concerned and I am looking forward to the festivities.


Yesterday I went to the IMAX cinema at Millennium Point in Birmingham to see the latest blockbuster Avatar in 3d and a full 70mm IMAX print.

The opening scenes and initial impact of 3D is very impressive but after that has worn off it comes down to the basics of story telling and there I am afraid it is all rather predictable.

The plot has variously been summarised by others as "Smurfahontas" or "Dances with Smurfs" and to that I would add my own as "A Smurf called Horse". ( The smurf references all relate to the fact the alien, Na'vi people, are all a Smurf shade of blue ).

It is very pretty to look at and all the night time bio-luminescence effects in the forest are impressive but you get the impression they only did those because they could.

There are a few "Basil Exposition" moments where someone says something and you think, "hmm I wonder if that will be important later" and sure it enough it is.

There are some nice ideas and the overall concept is good ( see elsewhere for formal plot summaries ) but, as I say, the main problem is the predictability.

It is a great technical feat, but the animation and 3D effects can't make up for a poorly executed story.

I wouldn't recommend seeing this film unless you want the 3D spectacle (pun intended). on a regular 2D screen I would wait for the DVD to come out but maybe on blu-ray just to get some IMAX effect.


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