T + 447 The Other Side of the Fence

Sorry for the delay in updating but I do have a good excuse as you will see...

Last Wednesday I had a clinic appointment and it was pretty routine. I saw one of the registrars who reviewed my results but annoyingly my B12 test from last time was not on the system so we had to repeat it which meant being stabbed a second time.

My prednisolone (a.k.a pred) is now down to 2.5mg every other day and so far I've not noticed any ill effects from that so that is encouraging. I might actually get off the damn things this time. Then there is the issue of getting me off the other two steroids I have to support me getting off the pred but one step at a time.

My haemoglobin remains lowish but stable at 10.3 and until we get the B12 result and a couple of other tests back we won't know exactly the reason for that, however I am pleased to say that although it is low I haven't so far felt the effects of fatigue at even light exertion that I sometimes get.

I'm back in the clinic in two weeks.

The Other Side of the Fence

Whilst I was at the clinic I got a call from my Dad to say he was about to go in the ambulance with my mom to hospital. She had been poorly for a while and the GP had decided it was best she go into the hospital.

I won't go into the details other than to say she has been very poorly but is making good progress in her recovery.

It was very hard seeing her in hospital and it gave me a little taste of what other people have had to go through seeing me. In some ways it is worse than being in the bed yourself.

There are a couple of differences, for the most part my admissions were all planned and expected where as this was an emergency and for a couple of days we didn't know what was wrong.

Secondly, whilst I wouldn't say I enjoy being in hospital it doesn't bother me too much especially when I am feeling reasonably ok. My Mom however hates hospitals and anything medical so that makes it tough to see her and know what she is going through.

But she is coping and I am very proud of how she is dealing with it all. Keep up the good work Mom.


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