Here we go, here we go, here go.....

Welcome to the inaugural post to this blog about my treatment for Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL).

The two main purposes of this blog are:-

  1. To provide a place for friends, family and colleagues to find out how I am doing if they want to , without having to be spammed with updates by email from me.
  2. To act as a journal for me to look back on during my recovery. Various leaflets about cancer treatment suggest this is a good idea.

Although I don't expect many people I don't know in some way or other to look at this blog it's possible some people who are having to deal with cancer , maybe even MCL, may come across this blog.

So a secondary purpose is to provide a source of information about what my treatment is like and how it affects me in the hope that this might help other people cope with MCL in particular and chemotherapy in general. People who don't know me can find out a bit more about me by clicking on my profile on the left and can read the story so far by reading this post.

Oh and yes I am aware that the title of this blog might be more grammatically correct as "MCL and I" but that doesn't have the alliteration. :o)


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